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The formation of hair follicles in the mother's womb 7-8. week starts, and 21 weeks of all hair follicle formation process is completed. Hair foll
Hair transplant surgery, balding, thinning, burnt, or a section scar scar is located in the hair follicle are not innate, etc. people are made to e
Remain of mischief as a child, wounds that we receive in our body has an accident or in any way we want to remember. Even when we are disturbed that t
Mustache TRANSPLANTATION​ In case of the emergence upper lip hair or hair loss in men is the definitive treatment mustache. Mustache, it is
The most important process begins after the hair transplantation process is complete. The process of the emergence of hair care and precision in this
Fue Hair Latest Technology Eyebrow transplantation process is one of the most common applications performed in our clinic. 1-2 hours after the pro
  Thinning hair and the strengthening of the physiological structure of the hair to the scalp with injections administered in the weakened s
    1 Hair transplantation should be considered prior to surgery • Do not use aspirin and other bloo
Nose Surgery Located in the middle of the nose of the face; It is the center of the face and perception of beauty. Increase the confidence of the
The eyelid surgery Advancing age, genetics, changes in the upper and lower eyelids, depending on factors such as drug use occurs. Eyes tired face
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