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The older aesthetic than normal breast clothes back pain besides problems such as difficulty in the selection, waist and neck hernia, stance and posture disorders, limitation of physical activity causes the formation of serious health problems such as rashes under the breast tissue.

Such as puberty genetic breast size may occur from the period, birth, breastfeeding, weight gain, hormonal imbalances can also cause breast growth and sagging.

Breast reduction surgery is carried on the head instead of the normal breast sagging, excess fat and breast tissue is removed, excess skin is removed. Breast is given smaller and vertically. Extending the seat and back of the same weight under applicable liposuction surgery in fazlalıklarına.

Surgery is performed under general anesthesia. It takes 2-4 hours depending on the size of the breast. Removed tissue is sent for pathological examination. Placed to drain the bleeding in both breasts. 1 or Day 2 are taken. Dressed dressing sports bra 24-48 hours after opening. Using 3-6 weeks is recommended. The length of hospital stay is 1-2 nights. Self dissolving sutures are used. Seam does not need to be taken.

In a circle around the nipple, one straight line or inverted T-shaped incision marks the end oluşur.1.yıl significance under the breast extending much reduced but not completely disappeared. His defects, complications such as impaired blood supply of the nipple is closely associated with rare breast size. There is no guarantee as to protect breastfeeding have been reported in many publications after surgery with new surgical techniques.

1 week after surgery you can return to your daily life, you can do light activities such as walking, heavy sports is not recommended before 6 weeks.