Bleaching & Bonding

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What is Bleaching?

Belaching is made to whiten the teeth. It can be done in two ways, in office and at home.

In clinic they accept your application, then clinic physician puts in control system. A tooth, or several teeth top and bottom can be implimented at the same time. Here is used tooth whitening agents and activated whitening accelerator beam.  After 2 or 3 sessions a desired whiteness is evident.

It is very important the correct diagnosis, it's use and the right materials in the bleaching process. Otherwise, it will cause teeth enamel thinning, extreme sensitivity, burning, gum withdrawal. But under doctor's proper control  it will be less possible.

Home-based teeth whitening damage will not be under doctor's control.

Indeed, applied teeth whitening process will not harm. Using cigarette, tea and coffee will shorten the result to 1- 1,5 years. While the result can be for 3-4 years.

What is it Bonding (adhesive systems) ?

Bonding is a method for protective benefit of cosmetic dentistry applications.

Bonding is applied for tooth color or shape change in order to cure the defect, enlarge or give additions to the teeth. There is possibility to change the outer surface of the natural tooth shape and color defects  and easily create new look.

Today bonding is one of the best and most modern implementation of preventive dental procedures.  In most cases it can be implemented with the least tooth loss. Bonding and adding of  teeth material is consider as aesthetics.

Doctors almost like a sculptor way they can give back to the dental patient's it's great look, so what is the biggest advantage of bonding? Is not doing any cutting. One of the frequent occurrence is covering the gap between teeth, covering the gap between teeth by bonding applications shortening the time from individuals who make a beeline for coating teeth with this range period of half an hour.

Also aged teeth for individuals clearly shown when laughing, talking a little bit more extended and more dynamic, but person who apply bonding practice to teeth does not appear any difference, more visually beautiful and aesthetic appearance is obtained or a small case colliding done with bonding application status laminates, when he grows more and porcelain crowns to practice proceeds.

Applying change for shape or color of teeth in order to enlarge or additions to treat the defect. The materials used for this purpose (microfilament agents), shape and color defects can be easily removed and attached to the outer surface of the natural tooth.

Bonding, today is one of the world's best and most recent transactions implemented preventive dentistry. In most cases, this is accomplished with the least amount of tooth loss.

Pain is felt while applying the bonding system; In many cases, this process can be easily applied without the need for anesthesia.

Naturally visible; When performed by a proficient dentist in aesthetic dentistry, natural image is obtained.

Is applying bonding change in dental color?

MICROFIL agents, were obtained with the most advanced technique to carry almost the same features and dentition with normal teeth, but until they change color. Surface roughness, is minimized by polishing increases the resistance to staining. Caused by external factors (coffee, tea, cola, cigarettes, etc.) If possible staining can be removed from routine dental examination.

Does applying this system require special care to teeth?

There are some limitations in this regard. Very hard objects (ice, sugar, such as shelled nuts) should avoid bites. It is also must be considered away from negative habits such as nail biting.

What is the period of bonding adhesive system application?
This time deppend on the quality of material used and the ability of the dentist to the patient's diet. Life of the materials produced by the latest technology 5 to 10 years. Bonding (adhesive systems) applied to a tooth, then a bonding process can redone again.

Is applying bonding System Expensive?
it is more economical compared to other aesthetic procedures. Factors that determine wages, material and type of treatment used will affact the total price.

Bonding is applied to how long?
For you and for your special one we provide this system, which will provide a confident smile from you after (15 min. - 1 hour) it is sufficient. The number of sessions to be applied will vary according to processing to be done.

Is Bonding applied to everyone? 
The bonding method can be easily applied to all age groups. Children, adolescents, adults and the elderly can complement the look and smile through this method.
Please contact our doctors for better aesthetics and smile.