CAD / CAM Zirconium Crowns and so designed.

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Veneer or Zirconium

Perfect white teeth is the dream of all people. This is can easily carried out through your request Veneer or Zirconium.

Zirconium / veneers,

  • Light over targeted teeth
  • Pale or very dark color of the teeth
  • Decolourisation of the teeth whitening is not possible
  • If there are spaces between the teeth

implementation gives a very perfect results ...

The front surface of the teeth is thinned until only a thin sheet of etched thickness of the very thin but very solid aesthetic appearance of porcelain-veneered / Zirconium curvature adhered to or discoloration of teeth with complete correction.

This is done entirely composed of very fine porcelain, and has a light transmittance provides a natural beauty, but also absolutely indistinguishable from real teeth.

your teeth color, help your doctor out to choose for you the most color match your skin color based on your consent and the most convenient and light-colored laminates with extremely rigorous to suit you and are prepared in our laboratory equipped with the latest technology. In this way, without fear we made your laminae, and you can easily smile with confidence.

Veneers / laminates are applied by a few extremely high technology which is used for grinding the teeth. In this way, the loss is much less when compared with the full course of the dental crowns.


In dentistry, the use of computer technology, update to modern dentistry has brought together the digital and dentistry. Digital dentistry is rapidly becoming the key to the future with modern technology.

CAD CAM (Computer Added Design - Computer Added Machinery)

Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Manufacturing. Combining these two technical concept was developed for dentistry, 3D (three dimensional) is working with computer support equipment design and manufacturing. CAD is one of the most important application areas of digital dentistry. 3D technique,is not as in the two-dimensional tomography showing clear image, both outside and inside image shows clear design to learn about the region examined the shape of the surface allows the acquisition.


Stands for the system, three-dimensional optical measurement field images obtained from intraoral camera, it's purpose to find out treatment by means of suitable computer programs, then to work with computer software to be sent to a very precise micro-milling machine; In this methodically, block inlays and porcelain from zirconium, onlays, crowns (covering teeth), bridges and infrastructure is a process of producing a fixing prosthesis.


1- CAD CAM has reduced the possibility of error.
Digital dentistry in the development of the cause of the failure depends on the dentist and dental technician which are used, not completely eliminate it. Therefore, tooth cavity preparation techniques and must comply with the rules and gluing and closing checks should be performed carefully.

2- Aesthetic and biological compatibility increased use of high Facilities Materials.

Both patients, as well as modern digital dentistry, with biological sense of aesthetics relay  on supplies have increased the demand for metal-free dental prostheses. CAD CAM system, can not be easily processed by conventional methods, but the aesthetic appearance and biocompatibility is high, sintered glass, poliklistal alumina, developed for use in dentistry zirconium and ceramic-based materials derivatives and increased. Such as zirconia, processing by traditional methods very difficult to succeed with new materials CAD CAM system,it can be more reliable and prepared in an aesthetic way.

3- Traditional Method of Measuring been abandoned.

CEREC CAD CAM system, the traditional measure eliminates the modeling wax method. Digital / optical measurement is taken. Old methods of measurement nausea during intake and / or retching has provided tremendous benefits for patients with reflex. High-resolution digital camera and laser-assisted oral micro-measure job recruitment can take the micron level precision. In addition, the purchase of digital measurement, is a traditional measure uptake and minimize the risk of infection during the attunement

4- Treatment time is reduced: One Visit Dentistry

Applications in a single session taking place in the clinical environment with computer systems and dental treatment can be completed in one hour. In this case, both for the dentist and minimizes the loss of time for the patient.

5- CAD CAM has increased the success of implant therapy and esthetic.

5.1 Placing the implant and digital dentistry

Placing dental implants showing a lack of thought and of the resulting image in 3D tomography, the 3D CEREC intraoral camera and the image is taken. Both images are overlaid in a computer, 3D software and the possible restoration of the ideal angle of implant placement and depth are obtained. Thus, both are reduced to less risk of complications in implant surgery, as well as precise fasten data. Perfect results will be held on the implant denture superstructure.

5.2 Production of Zirconia Abutments

CAD CAM devices can be prepared with high biocompatibility of zirconium or reinforced ceramic implant abutments, so as to obtain particular aesthetic and functional zirconium abutments individual. The preferred zirconia or ceramic abutments provide maximum compatibility with oral tissues, aesthetic appearance, because they reflect the light like natural teeth that attitude and lack of bacteria which causes contributing a big abutments used with oral hygiene.


CEREC CAD CAM system working principle: Mouth prepared with camera inside the optical cavity or the prepared tooth, digital measurement is taken. Purpose-made design with appropriate computer software, the block is scraped and sintered if necessary. The detailed stages of the process are as follows.

1. Stage: measurement is taken with an optical camera. Measurements taken is transferred to the computer that is connected directly to the camera.

2. Stage: After making three-dimensional computer images, by a dentist, margins and contour are determined, according to tooth design is made. The system is able to offer patients with biogeneric feature similar to the existing tooth structure restoration. Dentists, as that can be treated under this proposal, it can also make any changes that you want. Checking the contact points of the opposing teeth, virtually abrasion, adding, contours will make changes, you can increase or decrease the frequency of contact points with the opposing teeth.

3. Stage: After the design is finished, choose the appropriate color and dimension block. Block by micro milling turning device, tooth form is generated.

The blocks used with CEREC system feldspathic porcelain and ceramics have high resistance such as lithium disilicate glass ceramic with leucite reinforced ceramic can be in or nano.

Further, by milling together on the porcelain to be used together with zirconium base CEREC system, then it allows the combination of these two parts with each other.

4. Stage: dentures or inlay or onlay filling the form, porcelain, zirconium and polishing material is colored and glazelen stages. High tech furnaces are used for this operation.

The clinical use of CAD CAM system following the acquisition of digital measurement, design, and production is carried out next to the patient may be completed in a single session.


One advantage of digital dentistry, smile design aesthetic can be done. CEREC system, the micro-camera with the help of the teeth is transformed into three-dimensional individual's face and mouth structure in accordance with to make the changes that you want, to control the contact points with the opposing teeth, virtually abrasion, adding, contours to make the change, the frequency of contact points with the opposing teeth of the allowing for increase or decrease.

In addition, to align with the actual photo images of the patient's face becomes possible to finish the teeth obtained by this method, the dentist and the patient is having the opportunity to see the end of the restoration to be built.