Dental implants - both high quality and affordable

Hair Center Saç Ekim Merkezi
07 Aug

Implants - like your own teeth

when patient lose the comfort and safety with thier teeth we have special offer of implant treatment can help you gain a lifelong way again.

Dental clinic ensures that you regain your natural appearance and function to the teeth. Unlike conventional treatments with implants are the treatment protective coating or bridge therapy, because of the healthy adjacent teeth need not be crushed. Thus, their lives will be protected and extended as your healthy teeth.

The advantages of modern implants

The completion of missing teeth, for young people as well as for those older also provide significant advantages for implant treatment. Speech difficulties caused by missing teeth, enough breast chew- existing problems such as missing teeth and pain while chewing shift the backlash can be eliminated with implant treatment. While having dinner consisting of chewing force is transmitted through the implant to the bone. Thus jaw implants made the meltdown in the region would be completely stopped.

Implants (eg. STRAUMANN, BEGONA) are artificial tooth root made of titanium. Titanium is a metal with excellent tissue compatibility. So far, very rare allergic reaction is observed, it is completely biocompatible titanium.


If they have any problems if the existing teeth or gums before they implant treatment and oral treatment should be rendered completely healthy. Then a kind of what's put an implant will be made by clinical and radiographic examination is determined if there are too many missing teeth implants can be completed with a few of these shortcomings. All this sensitive and thoughtful planning, in terms of aesthetics and function of dentures on implants will allow it to be perfect process.

The process takes between one implant is placed under local anesthesia for 10-20 minutes and is a lot easier than Uygul make a filling.

In certain cases treated with bone powder is applied

An important requirement for the implant treatment, a sufficient amount of the implant to be inserted is present in the bone tissue. If a tooth pulled, and that if any prosthesis is made of the melting occurs in the jaw bone and that the implant to the region is difficult. This is especially a result of the increasing age factor and decrease pressure on the jaw bone softening with great importance.

In such a case that an oral surgeon by the addition of artificial bone powder enables increase of the amount of bone. If bone volume application to be made if too much bone can be placed in addition to the sessions made implants. If the application to be made with greater area of ​​bone powder application in such circumstances artificial bone implant is applied in separate sessions. Implant and bone during the healing process grow together and become extremely strong in one piece. This recovery process may take between 2 and 6 months. After boiling the extent of the implant to the bone is taken and made a small intervention to implant crowns, bridges or removable dentures are placed on top of the implant.

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