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Eyebrow transplantation process is one of the most common applications performed in our clinic.
1-2 hours after the procedure is done with local anesthesia easily eyebrow transplantation. FUE roots mikrmot taken with the help of the technical planted in the region, which is divided into individual eyebrow loss. The body eyebrow hair follicles can be taken from different regions. But the most preferred subject is a region that we have some neck. With six fine feathers on the arms of the chair or the genitals but can also be our experience has been taken from the nape of the best results. The feathers on the arms can be very thin, especially in women and Could Not be very durable. Likewise, the output angle of the hair follicles in the armpits and genital area can vary a lot.
If a local area is completed with success eyebrow loss in as little as 30 minutes and the results are available, the process is very promising. In some cases, if they want our patients to thicken eyebrows sowing process is done by determining the angle of each hair follicle way. Due to the nature of the eyebrow hair follicles obtained after a certain period of eyebrow transplantation is the prolongation. Therefore, our patients may have to shorten your eyebrows regularly. By 15 days or months needed an operation to fix a few minutes eyebrows neck is not a process that our patients feel very uncomfortable.

Usually we take the views of our patients actively in determining the shape of the eyebrows. Most of the time according to the demand of our patients with temporary paint ideal eyebrow shape and thickness are a determined and sowing operations are carried out according to this method. If there is a specific demand of our patients, we are realizing our transaction after receiving the approval of our patients and an ideal way to digitally pinpoint the computer.

Eyebrow Transplantation and lashes

Nape of the existing hair is lifted up by the number of roots will be planted 1 cm 5-10 cm uzunlıg shaved area was taken in the form of a horizontal line the hair follicle using a very thin punches with micromotor assistance. Because hair follicles are very small there is no space taken any symptoms in this region. According to the needs of the people in the eyebrow can root grafts between 400-500 with 40-50 roots. Sowing the eyebrow area is very different. Because eyebrows output pattern is very variable in each person. Close to a right angle with the nose section than the eyebrows with the right ear to the acquisition will be closer to 40-45 degree angle begins to emerge in the figure. This occurs during the practical importance of planting. The angle of the hair follicle must be prepared carefully planted. Because of the eyebrows is the sweetheart of the most remarkable in our face. The slightest negligence will be very uncomfortable to the patient can be seen results.
Eyebrow transplantation procedure with local anesthesia painless and done in a short time like 1-2 hours, the result is very satisfying a hair follicle transplant operation. Pain or discomfort after the procedure is not mentioned in any case. Collecting himself and take the real shape of the eyebrows is a period of 4-6 months. 2 months later, our patients can get their eyebrows.


As in other eyebrow hairs in the human body can be spilled over time. Eyebrow loss may occur due to many different reasons. Eyebrows may be poured just like all the losses in a particular area. Most commonly planted eyebrow patient group emerges as female patients. In particular, permanent makeup procedures eyebrow contour or loss in people who are seen to people who are not competent. In such cases it is not possible to maintain the eyebrows. Not satisfied with the contours of our patients with acid removal of the tattoo process again commissioned to non-qualified initiatives can lead to worse results. Kas stay in areas where the serious scar tissue and eyebrow transplantation procedure done to this scar tissue may sometimes impossible. Eyebrow loss can often develop as a result of factors related to stress. Developing stress-related spills could result in the loss might be temporary as permanent eyebrows. So if you thought to be due to stress, loss of eyebrows it can be useful to wait up to 6 months. Because early treatment can be made in the existing brow root damage. Loss that occur due to stress most easy to understand as possible based on the information received from the patient. Changes in living conditions, loss of hair and eyebrows in developing exam period should warn us that stress factor. This is very important as professional support to patients. This may be temporary and must be told of the problem should be referred to a specialist doctor. 6 months after the spill is snug eyebrow eyebrow transplantation is now the treatment can be done.
Kas is a common complication in the trauma connected spill out of it. The roots of suffering lacerations that occurred during childhood and eyebrows in local or whole eyebrow losses occur. Muscle integrity deteriorate due to burns Likewise growing face. The most decisive element in the treatment of trauma resulting from the size of the scar tissue that develops eyebrow loss. If not too much the size of the developing scar tissue integrity degradation and patients will see many benefits if the eyebrow transplantation therapy. But in some cases it is too hard and lost the case even if the blood supply to the disturbance of the normal skin texture will no longer be anything too much. In this case it can be tried again with different methods of physician consultation.
Eyebrow loss pattern is different in every patient. Nose spills near the roots may be in the outer parts of the eyebrows as it could be. After all, if you develop areas which develop in the eyebrow transplantation is the only treatment of eyebrow loss. That is why we are warning our patients especially avoid treatments that can certainly cause serious damage to the eyebrows with the information they did not know was born without ears. Razor blade scraping, almond oil or often heard of this practice among the locals like riding garlic can be very serious irreversible consequences.


Eyelash facial aesthetics is an important part of what cosmetic or medical purposes it can be corrected by applying the planting process. Eyelash transplantation by a plastic surgeon and specialist nurse team in the operating procedure is performed in a hospital setting. Processing takes approximately 2 hours and no side effects, no pain painless procedure performed under local anesthesia. Recovery time is 3 days.
Cilia so that it can be taken from the field on a single hair grafts. The donor area generally be considered to be of a thin hair. Thin hair is more suitable to be transferred to the thick wire lashes or eyebrows. Donor hair follicles and is shipped in one or two micro surgery. Placing one sheet of a hair or mikrograft is important in terms of providing a natural appearance.
Hair will grow into the period and therefore the results can not be seen immediately. The eyebrows or the start of a new hair to grow your eyelashes will be 4 to 6 months.

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