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The formation of hair follicles in the mother's womb 7-8. week starts, and 21 weeks of all hair follicle formation process is completed. Hair follicle has a total of 5 million to close the body after birth. The hair follicle is close to 1 million of the head and neck region, it is also about 100 thousand hair texture. A hair follicle is 10-20 times throughout the life cycle of lives.

The name of the male hormone androgen increases with adolescence. Vellus called thin feathery hair, underarm area, genitals, to thicken in beard and mustache, is the cause darkening of the color allows the conversion of terminal hair. However, unfortunately, the same hormone shows an adverse effect on the scalp and the hair forward in our time of forming terminal hair vellus hair causes baldness and even the conversion.

Human hair hair life cycle performs a total of 20 times
Hair cycle consists of 4 phases:

1. anagen phase - growth phase:
- Cells found in hair follicles are actively producing hair.
- Up to 85% of our hair is found in the anagen phase. Assuming that's why we have a total of 100,000 hair Telia, we can see that 85,000 of them.
- Anagen phase 3-6 years with aging, but this time will be shortened.
- This phase also determines the length of the hair. Our hair, extended about 10 cm per year, at the end of 3 years for a period of three years is seen anagen phase of the hair length is 30 cm.

2. Catagen phase - the transition phase:
- This phase stops hair growth and follicle shrank to a fraction of normal length by, it becomes shorter.
- Kadarlık section 1-2% of our hair is available in this phase.
- This phase lasts about 1-2 weeks.

3. Telogen phase - the phase of waiting:
- This phase lasts approximately 3-4 months.
- In this phase, although the root portion of the hair extension catagen phase by further reduced, but is still hold the scalp.
- An average of 13% of hair is found in this phase.
- Hair during this period earned a fine view. Sometimes, stress, injury, pregnancy or diet after this period can enter the hair in this phase "telogen effluvium" is called.

4. Loss phase:
- This phase, the shaft section breaks off from the root portion and poured.

The most important factor in the analysis is the study of the structure of hair follicular units
Follicular unit in 1984. Dr. Named John Headington described by pathologist. 1, like a bouquet of flowers in the structure of the hair follicle where up to 5 different numbers of "follicular units" is called. Each follicular unit has a certain number and order of his own. These differences, both individual determines the hair density, as well as guiding the surgeon in planning prior to hair transplantation. There are approximately 80-120 follicular units 1 cm2. In the middle of the busiest part of the follicular unit 1/3 of the area between the ears. This density decreases when going towards the sides. In the context of a follicular unit, the terminal number from 1 to 5 and vellus-type hair follicles, sebaceous glands and hair follicles warnings against allowing the movement "erector pili" There is muscle.

What are the causes of hair loss in women?
hair loss in women
Lifeless hair, the hair thinning and hair loss is a major issue throughout the life of one out of three women to suffer. A significant portion of the genetic type of female hair loss, hair loss problems. There is a family history of female pattern hair loss in 20%. Factors that cause hair loss in women except for genetic reasons can be listed as follows:

Hormone imbalances
-High Fever and severe infections
-Tiroid Disease
-Iron deficiency
-Dengesiz Nutrition and stress
-Some Disease treatment
-Great Surgery and chronic diseases
Your hair plucking disease (Trichotillomania)
-Alope Areata (hair Kiran)
What went wrong in her hair care

Treatment of Hair Loss in Women
Hair color for the diagnosis of hair loss in bulundurulur.kadın many factors to consider for the treatment of hair loss in women, the frequency of hair, hair diameter and look hair loss type and the cause of a hormone table to the introduction followed by hair loss with systematic blood tests specified. Coaching, we call that a regular follow-up counseling because of women living with hair loss hair can be maintained in the long term. The recommended treatment for locally administered drugs to the scalp to prevent hair loss women, vitamins and other triggers; In case of oral nutritional supplement tablets to reach the next size of a hair transplant or hair loss it can be summarized as to ensure coordination with other treatments.


What are the common causes of hair loss in men?

erkeklerde saç dökülmesiGenetic hair loss is defined as the type of loss in men is androgenetic alopecia the most common form. Loss characteristic of this type, first, the left and right side small area of ​​the frontal hairline hair loss starts. This field moves rearward so as to cause the retraction of the hairline. This situation leads to the front of the head bald. Often the vertex name in the top part of the head where the hair is followed similar development of spin and ends with the thinning hair. Over time this will grow the size of the field and eventually merge them in the back of the head and causing a head completely bald except for a crown in the areas protected as well.

Androgenetic type hair loss can be inherited from parents ways. This negative genetic condition that case, people can go through their parents or still remain as heritage from his uncle.

The development of hair loss varies
Genetic predisposition and last stage of hair loss due to sensitivity, ranging from the loss of all hair loss hair line. The development of hair loss varies. Front hairline some men may continue to old age without any exacerbation of a small bald areas. In rare cases, the decrease can be seen on the sides of the hair at the hairline of the hills without losing any hair.
Hair transplantation is an effective treatment for male pattern loss results that can benefit the rest of balding hair again. Male pattern baldness is caused by genetics 95%, creams or medications taken by mouth can not unfortunately desired results.

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