Nose Surgery

Hair Center Saç Ekim Merkezi

Nose Surgery

Located in the middle of the nose of the face; It is the center of the face and perception of beauty. Increase the confidence of the people and is the most demanded cosmetic surgery because the results affect the social life of our country.

Nose surgery; When done just for aesthetic rhinoplasty for aesthetic purposes when the next problem to be intervention to breathe septorhinoplasty, called plasma type only the tip of the nose corrected. And malformations of the same operation according to the needs of the patient, as well as corrected problems to breathe. The aim of the proportion of its nose and received surgery, chin, taking into account the aesthetic proportions between facial structures such as cheekbones, natural-looking, is to get the closest result to the people's expectations.

Nose; Bone is composed of cartilage and soft tissue. During surgery for the problem areas, changing the structure of bone, filing, re-design of the cartilage structure is formed by methods such as nasal suture techniques. Septum curvature that creates respiratory problems, turbinate hypertrophy, bone and cartilage deformities are corrected. Surgery is often done under general anesthesia. It takes 1.5-2.5 hours. The length of hospital stay is one night. Splints and will be put into operation at the end of the silicon 1.haft end. Heal quickly with minimal edema may occur in up to 1 week.

At the end of the 1st week you can return to your daily life, you can do light sports such as hiking. Swimming and paced sports 4th week the use of glasses until the end of 6th week the use is not recommended.