PRP and hair mesotherapy

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Thinning hair and the strengthening of the physiological structure of the hair to the scalp with injections administered in the weakened status. Hair Mesotherapy and PRP are among the methods applied.

What is PRP?

saç tedavisi prp

Hair applied PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) is the process of repairing the scalp tissue using the materials in your own blood and in hair follicles. Within a short period of time, this method can be applied easily and gives effective results in hair loss is shown as one of the best medical treatment.

How PRP workes with your hair?
PRP from goal, rich materials to stopping hair loss, healthy hair cycle to gain and strengthen the hair. PRP procedures the person does not carry any risk of allergy and bloodborne diseases because their blood is used. The healing process, content is therefore very short. The development of the application starts tissue, repair damaged and weak hair follicles new hair begins to strong hair growth.

PRP, how is it applied?
10-20 ml from individual to be treated. Blood, red cells are separated by centrifugation and microfiltration passed through the special method. Later, white cells and platelets, which play an important role in the organism repairs or to obtain material of cells called platelet rich plasma and injected into the bald area. Practice begins in tissue development, repair damaged and weak hair follicles new hair starts to produce strong hair.

PRP Who should get it?
PRP , the result is very satisfactory for both men and women application. The method is especially recommended to get the maximum results from then placed grafts of hair transplantation surgery.

What is Hair Mesotherapy?

Saç mezoterapisi

Hair Mesotherapy, more the hair follicles and healthy life is to activate the process to produce longer hairs. Superiority compared to other conventional drug therapy in hair Mezoterapisi; use small doses of drugs are regional. The lack of risk of side effects is a major advantage of this method. They are also quite satisfactory results of this process.

How to process Hair Mesotherapy?
Hair drug combinations are selected according to the purpose of mesotherapy, locally in small doses, and given special needles into the skin with a special technique. Reaching the end capillary core drug in the skin, it shows the impact speed. Applied products, vitamins nourish hair roots, minerals, protein specific building block, antioxidants and includes the regional blood circulation enhancing drugs.

Hair Mesotherapy applied in several sessions?
Hair Mesotherapy according to need 4-10 sessions can be applied. This number is the level of damage to the scalp and hair loss and is determined by the speed. Sessions range of 7 - 10 days. First positive developments begin to appear after 3 or 4.seans. Months in some patients may continue treatment as a continuation of the treatment. The average duration of 3 - 4 years. Hair mesotherapy without side effects, indicating a treatment effect in a short period of time. With this method increases the blood circulation in the scalp, the hair follicles and cellular proliferation stimulated rapid growth, scalp reaches the necessary moisture. Nutritional support also enables the development of protective keratin sheath of hair. The process is done with so much pain felt very thin needles. Persons with after-treatment relieved ice pad.

How Mesotherapy workes with your hair?
To make it resistant to hair loss and maintain, providing hair look better and provide more frequent in the hair mesotherapy is possible. Hair Mesotherapy is the best solution for those who complain about the lackluster hair.

mezoterapiThe first effect of mesotherapy is to stop hair loss. Male or female, for whatever reason, defects in hair, the hair structure is caused by nutritional and circulatory disorders. Hair Mesotherapy nutrition and movement disorder, for which corrects for the loss directly to the target stops at very high rate. Operation of the second effect is to improve the hair quality. Method, undead scalp, hair is not discharged as baby hairs standing or clinging to each other, it is possible to turn into thick hair thin hair flying. In line with this loss and devitalized or Without aiming to many people's vitality and shine of hair, this effect is an important reference. The third effect is to increase the life herbal hair cells. Methods to maintain their vitality despite warnings hair cells can not produce hair. This visible area of ​​balding may even act as functional. Hair loss, shrinkage of hair follicles, hair and hair growth acceleration in the life cycle phase (anagen phase) is considerably shortened. With this method, the hair roots will grow. The renewal process longer to process and reduces the amount of loss. Hair Mesotherapy, stop loss is very important in controlling the process.

In addition to supportive treatment applied by mesotherapy hair becomes stronger. Mesotherapy sessions along with additional methods (radiofrequency, laser, hair ...) applicable for support. Shampoo, tonic, made outside applications such as oil recommended as an addition. Specifically, in male androgenetic loss it requires the use of a drug. Therefore, medications, hair loss, which began in short time ago (5 years), the front opening and is more effective without complete baldness in men. Medication, the doctor should be done with drugs approved the recommendations and with the authorities.

Who should make Hair Mesotherapy?
Seasonal, due to stress, excessive loss of hair after pregnancy or living with metabolic disorders, fractures, those complaints from lifeless and dull picture can benefit from scalp mesotherapy. Mesotherapy hair, hair growth and healthy hair is fuller put in place by the lack of necessary for the production, the volume is owned and shiny hair. Especially bristles observed a decrease in the root and makes the formation and the growth stage "in the anagen active period of growth stage" shortening of the determined "androgenic alopecia in (male pattern baldness)" mesotherapy is useful to apply.

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