Perfectly fitting dentures, implant supported

Hair Center Saç Ekim Merkezi

In the form of a removable prosthesis palate are two types of full dentures and part dentures. Half yet fixed to existing sound dental prosthesis consists of the connection element on the basis of the prosthesis. No teeth, full dentures are applied to the mouth and completely non-cheek muscles, tongue, chewing muscles and stops the support of the palate in the mouth. In either case, the important thing is patient-specific, is to prepare the jaw-fitting dentures.

Half applied to dentures and dental patients withdrawn most of the muscles of mastication, tongue, cheek muscles and also from the existing teeth in the mouth hooks or snaps out of the palate support areas are known prosthesis with precision attachments associated with it.

In some cases, jawbone melts too much and do not allow many of our implant placement we wanted. In such cases, patients use completely by the fixed teeth on implants is not possible. Of dentures should use Patients in the mouth more stringent and robust stand, he can eat freely, without fear of accidentally exited out of the mouth of the prosthesis by placing fewer implants jaw bone to be able to continue their daily lives, to get support from the implant prostheses that bead-shaped and is provided inadvertently to come. In this way, patients can use the hard porcelain denture teeth, as if using.

This type of implant-supported dentures in the denture in the mouth play, the need to use adhesive does not fall and the comfort of living comfort increases for patient.