Salmon DNA

Hair Center Saç Ekim Merkezi

Salmon DNA

Facial aging is a natural result of the time, at night becomes noticeably earlier today due to external factors. Smoking, sun rays, air pollution, stress, poor nutrition, factors such as dryness in our accelerates. Skin aging, wrinkles, blotches, sagging can kill the coming time.We now making it possible to happen by mobilizing mechanisms to promote skin regeneration to reverse the effects of emerging technologies and medical Uygul .

Our skin collagen renewal allowing skin to effect aging, elastin production, increasing blood supply, and tried to counter by secreting growth factors. However, this mechanism slows down with time. Mobilize aim is to speed up the application and renewal mechanisms of antiaging.

Salmon DNA application is a kind Mezolifting application. The moisture content allows agents confer brightness to the skin. Human DNA test water is very close to salmon DNA nucleolar found in the blood flow in the dermis, growth factors, and enlarge the metabolic activities.

Salmon DNA treatment is applied as 4-6 sessions at 2-week intervals. Increasing effect is seen within weeks. Face, neck, decollete, showing the effects of aging can be applied in all areas such as the hands.