beard mustache TRANSPLANTATION​

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In case of the emergence upper lip hair or hair loss in men is the definitive treatment mustache. Mustache, it is planting the roots of the hair out of the skin of the upper lip mustache hairs. Instead mustache hair roots so that it is taken from the back of the neck as the baldness treatment. For this, the hair follicles are taken one by one with 0.6 mm punches with fue method from the neck up. Then, the field is the lack of individual hair follicles are planted mustache.
The hair roots, mustache field in which they retain the properties previously and continue to grow hair bristles. Thus they make prolonged shortening of the hair at appropriate intervals, it can be done during bıyıktraş. Hair follicles, and feed poorly if planted too close to each other. Therefore sowing must be enough to enable feeding. After feeding hair roots planted hair extension hair began (after 4-6 months), the plantation can be done again if sparse mustache area.
A scar in the mustache area, surgical scars, burn scars, loss can be camouflaged close to full with problems mustache as serious identity change can be captured with a mustache case to go no mustache as in corners. Only result FUE method FUT method should be applied because the mustache is not satisfactory. 0.6-0.7 mm punch with the hair follicles taken from the skin should be planted with the help of cutting tools with simultaneous acquisition of planting roots as shorter time as this would not be the root death was waiting for.
If both the purchase and planting fine tip used in place that not a symptom of any trace and October. October boundaries and determine the frequency of its people. Overall roots planted in 1000 when no one without a mustache expense corner view more often but must hold a higher number of whiskers, if desired. Mustache would often detect that it is close to natural as before, albeit rarely, though blind barber shave while planting is done with FUE.
The planting is done with the natural angle of the hair follicle so often required to determine whether the mustache area than at any desired location with FUE and it should be in the area.


BEARD Transplantation

The beard on the roots of the beard can be made redundant in order to intensify the cultivation areas less frequently. This makes it unnecessary in the case Oli was on the cheekbone and the area was planted just below the sparse beard. When purchases paid with 0.6-0.7 mm tip and careful hand there will be no trace. In this way, thanks to the excellent reception subregion beard, chest, neck, even roots on the bottom or even on the cheekbone area needed further cultivation can be performed. Nice reception area at the root of these areas because of heavy beard invisible provides a distinct advantage because it provides permanent hair removal.
Facial hair is not as kisd the person can be very different densities. One can hear the sparse beard that discomfort level significantly. For this reason, usually not needed very often in October beard.
October will be planned and environmentally sound frequencies in this case if the nearby regional beard beard loss. Beard entirely or in this case the person wants done and depending on the frequency boundary between 1000-3000 planting roots. In one corner is the root of full mustache and chin area 400 1000 100 root root for their favorites in a total area provides remarkably rare, though significant changes appearance.
Usually around October 3000 root beard gives satisfactory results. When there is only sowing the mustache of between 400-800 root planting is sufficient. When planting the root hairs of the beard area washed the next day would be a significant problem, but 1-2 weeks is composed of a pinkish appearance. Purchases over the body or neck does not stand trail. If the body is not of great importance because it is taken from the featureless hairs. The number of root taken up the case would be taken from the nape of dilution. If you have taken root in our study it is not a change that can be noticed even from the nape of 10,000.
Beards or mustaches immediately after planting in the area planted because of the blood clot from the ground into which the needle used during planting would be dark red appearance and first bathroom cleaned. Beard and mustache cultivation of clots washed after 24-48 hours by washing becomes apparent that beards were cleared and cultivated for 2-3 days beard image is formed. The beard is an increase in blood flow in the body planted acreage makes for better nutrition in the bottom of the tarafınn would accordingly like small red pimples disappear within 2-3 days this mild red image and a normal blind spots occurs every 1-2 weeks.
Prolongation ongoing beard and mustache scissors after planting can be shortened by 15 days or after the first shave enough to hold the uzatılabilir.kök should be done preferably after 1 month.
After 2 weeks after a temporary loss cultivated beard and mustache of the live part of the so-called shock loss. After 4-8 months of temporary loss again all spilled out. Quality increase in follicle continues up to 2 years.

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